Award-winning singer/songwriter

She has been performing since she was a child and has always loved sharing music with others. For the past eighteen years she has been recording and playing her original compositions, dubbed “inspirational pop,” both live and on the radio. Her energetic concerts have inspired and touched thousands of people nationwide and her intimate coffeehouse shows bring audiences together with her captivating melodies and warmth.


Songwriting for me is like no other creative outlet. All of my songs come out of something deeply personal within me, and they serve as either a beautiful memory of an experience, or as a catharsis from a challenge. The most amazing thing to me is when I hear from people who genuinely relate to a song, based on situations or feelings they have had themselves. Music is universal, and through it we can see our similarities, while our differences just fall away.



Rachel’s latest CD project, titled “Relentless” features songs designed to lift a person’s spirit and inspire listeners to go forth and pursue their dreams.