You can make your dreams come true – it’s all up to YOU!

You can make your dreams come true – it’s all up to YOU!

You can make your dreams come true – it’s all up to YOU!
Posted 06:12PM, 20 November 2015 by Rachel Cole / Category: All about life
I recently went off on a rant about how difficult it can be to have to rely on other people for your success. I was in a froth about how people will say “You can do anything you want if you just work hard enough! You can make your dreams come true – it’s all up to YOU!”

That sentiment, quite simply, isn’t true. For example, take applying to college. You can work your tail off, get good grades, have excellent test scores, and a resume filled with extra curricular activities, but your future ultimately rests in the hands of some admissions officer sitting in some room somewhere. Your life is infinitely changed depending on what they decide and you have no control over that whatsoever.

Another example is having a career in the arts. You can work hard every day at photography, but if no one will accept your photos in an art gallery, or no one will purchase your art, you can’t make a living pursuing your dream. The same goes for work in music, dance, painting, etc. Other people decide if your art is worthy of being out there, no matter how much talent you have or work you have put into it.

How about looking for a new job? You could be miserable in your current position, be a phenomenal worker with lots of gifts to share, but if the person hiring has a nephew in the business, none of that matters. Your next career move is not in your hands, which can be extremely frustrating at times.

Even owning your own business depends on other people buying your product and encouraging others to do the same. We are all interconnected and while it’s obviously important to always work as hard as you can and do your best at all costs, ultimately our success often depends on other people’s help and approval.

As you can see, this was really bothering me. Then as I began hearing tracks and mixes from my current recording sessions, my mind began to change. I was listening to amazing guitar parts and piano parts and fiddle parts from incredibly talented musicians whom I could never even hold a candle to. I heard arrangements of songs that made them sound thousands of times better than I could have ever imagined they would. I heard different parts blended together seamlessly from a highly skilled producer/engineer who knew when to adjust dynamics, how to cobble together multiple takes, and knew instinctively what would be most pleasing to the ear. And all I kept thinking was:

I’m so grateful to have these other people working on this because I cannot do any of this!

Thank goodness for these people who brought their exceptional talents, skills, and abilities to this project, because in bringing those, they took the entire endeavor to a much higher level than I could have thought was possible. And yes, while it’s true that some people stand in the way of making our dreams come true, others take our dreams to new heights, and open doors that we didn’t even know existed.

So I have completely changed my tune. While I still feel sometimes that it is unfair that so much of our lives depend on others, I can also see the beauty that comes from collaboration and camaraderie, and how important it is to surround yourself with the RIGHT people, who have your best interests at heart.

A huge shout out of thanks to Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Studios, Peter Vantine, Peter Tentindo, Lou Spagnola, Bill Melanson, Kenny Clark, Andy Reiner, Tricia Pine, and Gilda Betancourt for all of your help, time, hard work, and amazing musicianship. I could not have done this without you, and I’m SO glad and grateful to you all for that!

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