Award-winning Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist & Performer

Rachel’s inspirational pop songs have been performed live around the United States as well as on national and local radio. Her pop ballad “Goodbye” hit #20 on the national New Music Weekly AC/Hot AC Music chart, and #5 on the Top Indie Music chart. She has headlined multiple 5000+ seat arena concerts and played numerous live solo and full band concerts on tour. Rachel was nominated for Best New Artist at the New Music Awards in Hollywood, CA, and she was interviewed for a national NPR story by Tovia Smith. Internationally, Rachel’s songs have been played in France, Chile, Canada, Australia, and Israel.  Many of her songs have been featured on nationally distributed compilation albums and used in classrooms for supplemental instruction. In addition to recording five professional albums, Rachel is a devoted teacher, and her music has inspired many children and adults to find the joy of singing and learning.  She has been an Artist-In-Residence in several states, and four of her original songs were chosen as permanent anthems for elementary and middle schools across the country.  In addition, one of her educational songs/lessons won a Colorado state-wide competition and was added to a national education curriculum in New York.

Rachel’s musical intentions have always been to lift people up, inspire them to follow their dreams, and to help them feel better during difficult times.  Her music has helped countless people on their life journeys, and often very specifically. In a special needs classroom in Florida, a six-year-old boy had been diagnosed with Apraxia and had not yet spoken.  His teacher played Rachel’s children’s album in the class and the first words he spoke in his life were the words to one of her songs.

Another of Rachel’s songs has been helping the women in a correctional facility in Salem, Oregon for many years.  The calming lullaby is played every night right before “Lights Out” to comfort the mothers there who cannot be with their children at bedtime.

The love song Rachel wrote for her husband Jason has been performed and played at many weddings and anniversary celebrations, and she has heard positive stories from many people who have connected with her original songs about grief and overcoming life’s obstacles.

Rachel’s songs and CDs can be found at, Amazon, CD Baby, Reverbnation, iTunes, and Spotify.  For booking, contact